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The legal framework of the IDF, like the rest of the Institutes of Technology, is one of a nonprofit, private business association.

The IDF Association was created in November 2005 from the companies that had been doing R&D+I, collaboration agreements, service assistance and consultancy work.
The IDF is identified as research institute that is horizontal, also called transverse as a contrast to sectoral or vertical.
In this sense, traditional institutes of technology have positioned individual sectors based on the raw materials consumed by companies (plastic: AIMPLAS, metal: AIMME, etc.) or on the generated products (furniture, AIDIMA toy: AIJU, textiles, AITEX, etc.). Because of their need to innovate, these technoloRGcal institutes gave rise to research units that have evolved in parallel with the evolution of university departments and with those with which they are currently collaborating very closely.
By contrast, other institutes have emerged under the label of new technologies, many of them developed at the university level, to support companies in new market niches in which to develop new products and services with high value added based on these technoloRGes. This is how IBV and more recently the ITI, ITACA and the IDF have emerged, none of them linked to specific industrial sectors but capable of leading companies in order to compete in an increasingly globalized economy.
In the case of the IDF, as well as the Association's own potential, a link exists, established through agreement, a University Research Institute (Design Institute for Automated Manufacturing and Production) which acts as its R&D Department. It also leaves open the possibility that the Association cooperates with other institutes and university departments, adopting their innovation capabilities.
The IDF is currently composed of over 80 members, including doctors and technoloRGsts, who mainly perform research and technoloRGcal development. The majority of these members mainly come from from the Institute of Design for Manufacturing and Automated Production and have contributed productive work for over a decade.

The University Institute is conmposed of professors and researchers from research groups with a long history of expertise in the topics of the IDF. These are the Group for Research and Design Management, Research Group in Automatic Control in Production and Robotics Research Group Production Processes, Research Group and Information Technology, the Engineering Research Group Adapted Vehicle and Transportation and the Optoelectronics and Semicondctores Group, along with technicians from the Laboratory of Metrology and Automobiles, and CIM Center at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

The governing bodies of the IDF are:

Management Team
- Josep Tornero Montserrat (IDF Director))
- Alvaro Pérez Torró (Manager and Treasurer of the Association IDF)
- José Font Mezquita (Secretary of the Association IDF)
- Mario Lledó Silla (Manager R&D+i of the IDF-UPV)
- Alejandro Durán (Communication & Designer )
- Juan Antonio García Manrique (Secretary of the Scientific-Technical Council of the IDF-UPV)
- Bernabé Marí Soucase (Research Assistant of the IDF-UPV)
- Manuel Martinez Torán (Assistant Director of Infrastructure and Equipment of the IDF-UPV)
- Adolfo Muñoz Garcia (Assistant Director Communications and Marketing of the IDF-UPV)

Board of Directors

- Carlos Pujadas Viana (IDF President and Manager Director of Alfatec Sistemas S.L.)
- Domingo Ochoa Collado (IDF First Vice President and the Valencia Association of Companies of Molds and Dyes)
- Vicente Gallega García (IDF Second Vice President and Secretary of the Association of Designers of the CV)
- Antonio Ades Romagnoli (Member of the IDF and CEO of the Ford plant in Almussafes)
- Victor Bosca Pérez (Member of the IDF and Technical Director of the company XUQUER)
- José Martínez Duato (IDF consultant and General Manager of the company PROEMISA)
- José Esteban Capilla (Vocal del IDF por UPV)
- Andrés Moratal Roselló (Director of Technology Transfer Centre of the Technical University of Valencia)
- Josep Tornero Montserrat (IDF Director)
- Alvaro Pérez Torró (Manager and Treasurer of the Association IDF)
- José Font Mezquita (Secretary of the Association IDF)

Scientific-Technical Council
Formed by members of each of the 6 research groups (RGs)

- Josep Tornero i Montserrat (Director and Head RG)
- Juan Dols Ruiz (Head of Research and Head RG)
- Bernabé Hernándis Ortuño (Subdirector Docente)
- Manuel Martinez Torán (Head RG)
- Juan A. García Manrique (Secretary and Head RG)
- Nuria Lloret Romero (Head RG)
- Bernabé Marí Soucase (Head RG)
- Francisco Javier Manjon Herrera (Head RG)
- José Font Mezquita
- Adolfo Muñoz García
- Enrique Ballester Sarriá
- Jaime Masiá Bañó
- Isabel Ordeig Fernández
- Andrés Moratal Roselló (Director of the UPV CTT)
- Equipo de Dirección del IDF (with voice but no vote)

General Assembly / Board
• It is composed of all member companies and sponsoring agencies
• There is a similar consulting body that integrates all professors and researchers of the Institute.