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The general objective of the IDF is the promotion and practice of scientific research, technology transfer, technical consultancy and education in the fields of design, prototyping, manufacturing, automation and robotics. In this sense, the IDF oversees the entire product life cycle, with particular emphasis on the transition from design and product innovation to the improvement of production processes that generate them.

In general, the short-term goal is to coordinate and strengthen the R&D groups working in the thematic fields of the IDF while the medium-term objective is to become a center of excellence as much on a national level as on an international level. Specific objectives can be stated as the following:

  1. Promote applied research that gives rise to products and services in terms of competitiveness and innovation.
  2. Encourage the transfer of technology through innovative projects for society in general and the industry in particular.
  3. Promote multidisciplinary research, with high value added.
  4. Serve as a Technology Transfer Office (TTO) in areas in which the institute is proficient.
  5. Organize technical events at local, national and international levels.
  6. Search for national and European industrial partners in order to encourage participation in projects and technology transfer.
  7. Exchange technology with other research groups, companies and institutions.
  8. Encourage discussion and analysis of future topics, promoting courses of action.
  9. Advise and inform businesses and institutions regarding the thematic fields of the Institute.
  10. Develop training activities and dissemination of knowledge of the IDF, channeling the knowledge of other Institutes, research groups and departments.
  11. Participate in international Thematic Networks that allow the best and newest technology exchange.
  12. Provide temporary stays for visiting specialists from other institutions.
  13. Develop quality research that enables the execution of R&D projects that involve various research groups.
  14. Undertake standardization activities according to the powers conferred by the Administration to the laboratories affiliated with the Institute.